I am embarking on a relationship with Karakal.  You can see the range of their products at karakal.co.uk but this will be updated in the next month.

See the Squash Rackets page HERE

Limited Offer Karakal F-125ff Squash Racket £90 - Karakal F-135ff Squash Racket £72 - Demo available 

I have a limited number of the rackets for sale see below for £50 for anyone interested.( on their website for £99 )  I will also have the whole range of the current production line available for inspection and demo for  a short period next week. Anyone interested in buying a new racket - racket ball included or other items available on the website might get in touch. I will shortly have a price list available.

String it Right will in future be using Karakal strings in our restringing business.  

Karakal T-Edge FF Squash Racket

Karakal T-Edge FF Squash Racket

The frame on this racket is 10 grams heavier than the T-120ff but due to the lower balance point will feel lighter in the head, this coupled with the addition of Fast Fibre graphite allows you to create more power for less effort.

The Karakal T-Edge FF has the successful inner 'Muscle System' to increase the sweet spot and the 4 nano nodes positioned around the frame to smooth out vibration and increase stiffness allowing for more power and control. The frame also has the Karakal 'Muscle Tec' string system and an 'Internal Vibration Dampener' bonded into the frame.

  • 130 gms Frame Weight
  • Fast Fibre Nano Gel
  • 4 Nano Graphite Nodes To Smooth Out Vibration and Increase Stiffness for More Power and Control
  • Inner Muscle System
  • 'A' Power Shaft with Power Wings
  • Built in Frame Anti-Vibration Dampener
  • Midplus Head 470 sq cms
  • 360mm Balance Point
  • One Piece Construction
  • Square String Pattern 14/18
  • Full Racket Cover
  • Fitted With The World's No.1 PU Super Grip