Sutton Bonington Squash Club

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Guidance notes

When you log in to the site you will get a “Home Page”  screen similar to this:


Showing your results to date – you can upload your photo if you wish by editing your profile – click on the DropDown list adjacent your Initials top right of screen. ( Not shown on the above )

To enter results click on either of the 2 Red and Blue  boxes “Friendley Match” or “Challenge & Box League Matches” – Yes Friendley matches will contribute to your ranking – still a bit of a mystery to me at the moment.

You will be presented with this screen:


The date is the current date – you can alter this to the day you played the game.


Once you start typing in your opponents name his name should appear –As this system is World Wide many names appear but your opponent will be in the list eventually – PLEASE MAKE SURE you select the correct name. ( Iam attempting to get this restricted our own players but I don’t know if this is yet possible – so be wary )

The scoring system defaults incorrectly – I am trying to get this changed – SO PLEASE MAKE  SURE THE SELECTION FROM THE DROP DOWN BOX IS CORRECT VIZ:

You can enter the games scores as well if you wish. IMPORTANT Please CHECK from your Initial Home Page that all the details have been entered correctly.

If it is incorrect there is only a 2 week slot to correct the error – then even the Administrator cannot edit or delete it. This will obviously mess up rankings. ( Hence the initial mess that  I am in )

Edit or delete results from your Home Page by clicking on the magnifying glass – extreme right


When the leagues are published you are able to send an email from within your league to your opponents.

Other players can be contacted through the quick links section on your home Page

 If you are a member at another club you can add that Club to your list of Clubs and  also log your results for there – as noted above MJW is a member of 3 clubs – Hence why the full list of worldwide names are required I assume. If the Club is not registered or have players registered the names of opponents won’t be available. This won’t bother most of you.