Website Sponsers 2015-2016

I believe a website is an essential tool for communication within a club - even one as small as Sutton Bonington.
I have been keeping the site going out of my own pocket since inception.
I gratefully acknowledge those mentioned below who have agreed to donate a small amount to sustain it for another 2 years.


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Any donations will be put towards site improvements - the next improvement is https - so you dont get the message this site is not secure

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Richard Rees
Dave Hardern
Ian Robertson
Mike French
John Dennett
Martin Killeen
Ian Thomson
Jim Burton
Gary Frost
Marc Coltman
Daniel Howitt
Ross Bayliss
Dan Ginty
Phil Mobley

Richard Rees
Ian Robertson

Ross Bayliss
Luis Salazar
Mark Marable
Nick Harpur
Mark Leavesley