PARS Survey

England Squash Masters - Scoring Regime Survey
All Over 50 Age Groups


The Masters Committee took the opportunity to survey Masters Players' views on future scoring regimes in the age groups currently operating the Hand in-Hand out (Hi-Ho) scoring method for the Regional tournaments.

The results from the survey is detailed in the table below.



From the results it can be seen that the majority of age groups voted for the Point-A-Rally (PAR) scoring method. It can also be seen that if PAR scoring was introduced most of the age groups favoured PAR scoring to 15 points.

As a result of the survey the Masters Committee have changed the Guidance Notes for Players, as follows:

Scoring will be Point-a-Rally (PAR) scoring for all age groups as follows:

  • PAR to 11 – Men’s Over 35, 40, 45, 50, 55; Women’s Over 35, 40, 45
  • PAR to 15 – Men’s Over 60, 65, 70, 75, 80; Women’s Over 50, 55, 60

The link to the revised Guidance Notes For Players Entering Regional Tournaments is below:

Guidance Notes For Players Entering Regional Tournaments v2.7

PARs discussion

The responses to the PARs question are coming in and it is already strarting to get confusing with my over complicated email system. I am therefore logging responses on the SBSquash website together with my own personal stated view below.
There is, for the obvious reasons a desire to go to 15. I would stress that World and European Organisations have already adopted to 11 .
Sooner or later we are all going have to go in that direction. This is  my personal view as to the way we should go.
I would urge players to consider the overall picture. We are going to end up at 11 - unless the Major organisations have a rethink.
I do not think that is going to happen. For the benefit of the Sport I believe we should adopt the Universal option.

I dont like it - but if we are going to change  - let us be consistent and be together.

Player responses


  Name Eleven Fifteen
 1  Mike French y  
 2  Ian Thomson y  
 3  Martin Killeen y  
 4  Kashif y  
 5  Richard McCrea y  
 6  Phil Mobley y  
7  Ray Peacock    y
8 Steve Franklin y  
 9  Andrew Fuller   y
10  Andy Lee   y
11  Adrian Wright y  
12  Des OConnell   y
13  Dan Ginty   y
14  Mark Edwards  *  *
15 Luis Salazar y  
   Totals 9 5


Personally having played a variety of sports, non-racquet included, over the years rules change, even to the highest ie football where from the kick off the ball can now travel backwards instead of over the halfway line, therefore whatever the majority I’ll abide.
The only minor concern is that in the higher leagues where fitness, stamina, skill etc is of a much higher standard the games will continue to last as long, also the lower leagues where players tend to do more chasing the ball; but the ‘middle leaguer’s’ have the ability to ‘kill’ the rally with one shot therefore games / matches won’t last as long.
Anyway as I said I’m happy to play either way
Mark Edwards 

With regard to future league scoring I think I am with you that irrelevant of personal preferences ( which can always be played in a friendly ) if you don't move with the governing body it is damaging to the sport as a whole
Mike French

With great reluctance I have to agree with your thoughts on the new PAR scoring.
Ian Thomson

Ok see both points of view . The issue is at the lower level they don't have long rallies do things would be quick . Also not all play competitions so stating that reason wouldn't convince them? Suggest we be democratic and ask people to vote ?  
Martin Killeen 

I would support 11 -PAR if we are gonna switch. the only issue would be that apart from premiere leagues, all leagues are using the 9pt system so people who play both leagues(local/nottingham) would have to adapt.
15pt is not great as its no longer used plus can be more confusing initially since the rules are a bit different when score is 14-14.

I feel we should change to the world/European standard PAR 11.
Rather go through one drastic change now than inevitably a change from PAR15 then PAR11.
Richard McCrea

I think 15 is the way to go, it can only help my game....!

Des O’Connell

I prefer HIHO as I think it makes it more interesting and tactical but you can't always stand in the way of the tides of change.
As most places have adopted PAR to 11 best of 5 I would go along with that.
Phil Mobley 

In 12 years of playing at and for HK Football Club we always played to 15. 2 clear points required to win the game. At 14-14 for example, it could go to 16-14 , 15-17 etc.,

Ray Peacock

I thought PAR 11 would be the default choice for all formats
Steve Franklin

My personal preference would be to leave things as they are but if the change is to be brought in in the New Year it would be to play to 15 as otherwise I think the games will be so short it will be over before you know it from my (limited) experience to date of play
PAR as quite often in the lower leagues you don't get hardly any rallies going and often the points are only a handful of shots.
Andrew Fuller

I like to 15 PAR
Andy Lee

Think we should go to 15
Martin Killeen

I don't know if the voting is still on. But I agree (and have been playing to 11 since you mentioned it) in playing to 11. Best wishes, Luis.